Goodbye CGS-13, see you at CGS-14!

The Thirteenth International Symposium on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics has been organized by the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the University of Cologne (Germany).

This Symposium was the thirteenth in a series of meetings held previously in Studsvik, Sweden (1969); Petten, The Netherlands (1974); Brookhaven, USA (1978); Grenoble, France (1981); Knoxville, USA (1984); Leuven, Belgium (1987); Asilomar, USA (1990); Fribourg, Switzerland (1993); Budapest, Hungary (1996); Santa Fe, USA (1999); Prague, Czech Republic (2002) and South Bend, USA (2005).

The Symposium continued the general themes of earlier conferences with special emphasis on gamma-ray spectroscopy, advances in nuclear theory, nuclear structure, nuclear reactions, nuclear data and applications related to capture reactions. Topics discussed at the CGS-13:

  • Nuclear structure (complete spectroscopy, new theoretical approaches)
  • Fundamental physics (fundamental symmetries in neutron induced reactions)
  • Statistical properties of nuclei and other quantum many-body systems (level densities, fluctuations, chaos)
  • Nuclear astrophysics (s-,r-, p- processes, nuclide production)
  • Nuclear reactions (mechanism, resonances, strength functions)
  • Nuclear data (measurement, modeling, evaluation)
  • Practical applications (chemistry, material science, imaging)
  • New techniques and facilities (detection systems, radioactive beams, cold neutrons, neutron sources)

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