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This is a selection of some of our most recent publications in refereed journals. Online access to the articles may be restricted by the publisher. If you are interested to receive reprints, please contact Andreas Zilges.

A complete list of refereed publications up to the year 2017 can be downloaded here.

Web of Science (Andreas Zilges, 08/2019): h-index 46, average citations per item 28,88

  1. N. Tsoneva et al., "Fine structure of the pygmy quadrupole resonance in 112,114Sn"
    Nuclear Physics A 990 (2019) 183.
  2. P.C. Ries et al., "Valence-shell dependence of the pygmy dipole resonance: E1 strength difference in 50,54Cr"
    Physical Review C 100 (2019) 021301(R) .
  3. M. Tamkas et al., "Low-lying dipole strength in the well-deformed nucleus 156Gd"
    Nuclear Physics A 987 (2019) 79.
  4. V. Foteinou et al., "Cross section measurements of proton capture reactions on Mo isotopes relevant to the astrophysical p process" European Physical Journal A (2019) 55:67.
  5. J. Isaak et al., "The concept of nuclear photon strength functions: A model-independent approach via (gamma,gamma'gamma'') reactions"
    Physics Letters B 788 (2019) 225 (open access).
  1. J. Wilhelmy et al., "Investigation of J=1 states and their gamma decay behavior in 52Cr"
    Physical Review C 97 (2018) 054319
    free download.
  2. D. Savran et al., "Multi-messenger investigation of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance in 140Ce"
    Physics Letters B 786 (2018) 16 (open access).
  3. M. Spieker et al., "High-resolution (p,t) study of low-spin states in 240Pu: Octupole excitations, alpha clustering, and other structure features"
    Physical Review C 97 (2018) 064319
    free download.
  4. M. Spieker et al., "Shape coexistence and collective low-spin states in 112,114Sn studied with the (p,p gamma) Doppler-shift attenuation coincidence technique"
    Physical Review C 97 (2018) 054319
    free download.
  1. S.G. Pickstone et al., "Combining gamma-ray and particle spectroscopy with SONIC@HORUS"
    Nucl. Inst. and Methods in Physics Research A 875 (2017) 104.
  2. P. Petkov et al., "Lifetime measurement with improved precision in 30,32S and possible influence of large-scale clustering on the appearance of strongly deformed states"
    Physical Review C 96 (2017) 343269
    free download
  3. T. Beck et al., "E2 decay strength of the M1 scissors mode of 156Gd and its first excited rotational state"
    Physical Review Letters 118 (2017) 212502
    free download

  1. P. Scholz et al., "Constraints on the alpha + nucleus optical-model potential via alpha-induced reactions studies on 108Cd"
    Physics Letters B 761 (2016) 247 (open access).
  2. J. Mayer et al., "Partial cross sections of the 92Mo(p,gamma) reaction and the gamma strength in 93Tc"
    Physical Review C 93 (2016) 045809
    free download
  3. V. Derya et al., "Decay of quadrupole-octupole 1- states in 40Ca and 140Ce"
    Physical Review C 93 (2016) 034311
    free download
  4. B. Löher et al. "The decay pattern of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance of 140Ce"
    Physics Letters B 756 (2016) 72 (open access).
  5. M. Spieker et al., "The pygmy quadrupole resonance and neutron-skin modes in 124Sn"
    Physics Letters B 752 (2016) 358 (open access).
  6. H. Pai et al., "Magnetic dipole excitations of 50Cr"
    Physical Review C 93 (2016) 014318

    free download

  1. A. Hening et al., "Collective excitations in 96Ru by means of (p,p'gamma) experiments"
    Physical Review C 92 (2015) 064317
    free download
  2. F. Filipescu et al., "Perspectives for photonuclear research at the Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) facility"
    European Physical Journal A 51 (2015) 185 (open access).
  3. A. Hennig et al., "Lifetime measurement of excited low-spin states via the (p,p'gamma) reaction"
    Nucl. Inst. Meth. in Phys. Res. A 758 (2015) 171.
  4. download @ arxiv.

  5. M. Spieker et al., "Origin of Low-Lying Enhanced E1 Strength in Rare-Earth Nuclei"
    Physical Review Letters 114 (2015) 192504
    free download
  6. L. Netterdon et al., "Experimental constraints on the gamma-ray strength function in 90Zr using partial cross sections of the 89Y(p,gamma)90Zr reaction"
    Physics Letters B 744 (2015) 358 (open access).
  7. A. Ornelas et al., "The 106Cd(alpha,alpha)106Cd elastic scattering in a wide energy range for gamma process studies"
    Nucl. Phys. A 940 (2015) 194
    download @ arxiv.
  8. S. Pascu et al., "Detailed spectroscopy of quadrupole and octupole states in 168Yb"
    Physical Review C 91 (2015) 034321
    free download.
  9. L. Netterdon et al., "Total and partial cross sections of the 112Sn(alpha,gamma)116Te reaction measured via in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy"
    Physical Review C 91 (2015) 035801.
    free download.

  1. P. Scholz et al., "Measurement of the 187Re(alpha,gamma)190Ir reaction cross section at sub-Coulomb energies using the Cologne Clover Counting Setup"
    Physical Review C 90 (2014) 065807.
    free download.
  2. A. Hennig et al., "Mixed-symmetry octupole and hexadecupole excitations in the N=52 isotones"
    Physical Review C 90 (2014) 051302 (R).
    free download.
  3. L. Netterdon et al., "Cross-section measurement of the 130Ba(p,gamma)131La reaction for gamma-process nucleosynthesis"
    Physical Review C 90 (2014) 035806.
    free download.
  4. M. Röder et al., "Efficiency determination of resistive plate chambers for fast quasi-monoenergetic neutrons"
    European Physical Journal 50 (2014) 112.
  5. A. Hennig et al., "A method to correct differential nonlinearities in subranging analog-to-digital converters used for digital gamma-ray spectroscopy"
    Nucl. Inst. Meth. in Phys. Res. A 758 (2014) 69.
  6. L. Netterdon et al., "The gamma-ray spectrometer HORUS and its application for nuclear astrophysics",
    Nucl. Inst. Meth. in Phys. Res. A 754 (2014) 94.
  7. V. Derya et al., "Isospin properties of electric dipole excitations in 48Ca"
    Physics Letters B 730 (2014) 288 (open access).

  1. M. Spieker et al., "Possible experimental signature of octupole correlations in the 0+ states of the actinides",
    Physical Review C 88 (2013) 041303(R).
    Direct Download.
  2. C. Romig et al., "Low-lying dipole strength of the open-shell nucleus 94Mo",
    Physical Review C 88 (2013) 044331.
  3. M. Scheck et al., "Photoresponse of 60Ni below 10-MeV excitation energy: Evolution of dipole resonances in fp-shell nuclei near N=Z",
    Physical Review C 88 (2013) 044304.
  4. J. Beller et al., "Constraints on Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Matrix Elements from a Novel Decay Channel of the Scissors Mode: The case of 154Gd",
    Physical Review Letters 111 (2013) 172501.
  5. C. Caesar et al., "Beyond the neutron drip line: The unbound oxygen isotopes 25O and 26O",
    Physical Review C 88 (2013) 034313.
  6. L. Netterdon et al., "Investigation of alpha-induced reactions on the p nucleus Yb-168",
    Nucl. Phys. A 916 (2013) 149.
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    Nucl. Inst. and Meth. in Phys. Res. A 723 (2013) 136.
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  9. V. Derya et al., "Study of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance in Mo-94 using the (alpha,alpha'gamma) Coincidence Technique"
    Nucl. Phys. A 906 (2013) 94.