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License Agreement


The authors (J. Theuerkauf, S. Esser, S. Krink, M. Luig, N. Nicolay, O. Stuch, H. Wolters) at the Institute for Nuclear Physics, Cologne (hereinafter referred to as IKP) grant to the user, a non-transferable and non-exclusive license to copy and use TV under the following terms and conditions and for the period of time identified in Paragraph 9.

This license agreement grants to the user the right to use TV within their own home or organization. The user may make copies of TV for use within their own home or organization, but may not further distribute TV except as provided in paragraph 4.

The license agreement is only effective in connection with the subsequent listed license agreements:

''License Agreement for mfile'' with the Institute for Nuclear Physics, Cologne

If the use of TV is connected to any form of publication, the authors of TV must be cited correctly:

J. Theuerkauf, S. Esser, S. Krink, M. Luig, N. Nicolay, O. Stuch, H. Wolters; Program Tv; Institute for Nuclear Physics, Cologne.

The IKP intends that TV be widely distributed and used, but in a manner which preserves the quality and integrity of TV. The user may send a copy of TV to another home or organization only after either receiving permission from the IKP or after seeing written evidence that the other home or organization has signed this agreement and sent a hard copy of it to the IKP. If the user has made modifications to TV and wants to distribute that modified copy, the user will first obtain permission from the IKP by written or electronic communication. Any user which has received such a modified copy can pass it on as received, but must receive further permission for further modifications. All modifications to copies of TV passed on to other homes or organizations shall be clearly and conspicuously indicated in all such copies. Under no other circumstances than provided in this paragraph shall a modified copy of TV be represented as TV.

The user will ensure that all their copies of TV, whether modified or not, carry as the first information item the following copyright notice:

In particular the authors prohibit to use any part of the code or algorithms of this software in other programs without an additionally negotiated license.

Title to and ownership of TV and its copies shall at all times remain with the IKP and those admitted by the IKP as contributors to the development of TV. The user will return to the IKP for further distribution modifications to TV, modifications being understood to mean changes which increase the speed, reliability and existing functionality of the software delivered to the users. The user may make for his own ownership and use enhancements to TV which add new functionality and applications which employ TV. Such modules may be returned to the IKP at the option of the user.

TV is licensed with no warranty of any kind. The IKP will not be responsible for the correction of any bugs or other deficiencies. In no event shall the IKP be liable for any damages of any kind, including special, indirect or consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of TV.

This license for TV shall be effective from the date hereof and shall remain in force until the user discontinues use of TV. In the case the user neglects or fails to perform or observe any obligations under this agreement, this agreement and the license granted hereunder shall be immediately terminated and the user shall certify to the IKP in writing that all copies of TV in whatever form in its possession or under its control have been destroyed.

Requests. TV is provided by the IKP in a spirit of friendship and cooperation. The IKP asks that people enjoying the use of TV cooperate in return to help further develop and distribute TV. Specifically, the IKP would like to know which machines TV gets used on. A brief notice form is appended to this agreement which the user is requested to send by email or otherwise. Please send in further notifications at reasonable intervals if you increase the number and type of machines on which TV is loaded. You may send these notices to another user which is cooperating with the IKP for this purpose.

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Andreas Fitzler