HDTV - a proposed successor to TV


HDTV tries to provide functionality similar to the old TV program on top of the ROOT data analysis toolkit developed at CERN. Just as ROOT, HDTV can be used either as a library or as a stand-alone application. An important feature is that HDTV does not restrict the users ability to use the underlying ROOT system directly --- thus, the functionality provided by HDTV is a strict superset of that provided by ROOT alone. On the other hand, as no code from the original TV program was reused, HDTVs functionality differs somewhat from TV, and many of the more obscure commands are presently not implemented.

The use of Python gives HDTV much better scripting capabilities than TV. Also, since HDTV consists of a number of modules that can in principle be used independently of each other, HDTV is much easier to extend and customize.

HDTV is written in a mixture of C++ and Python, glued together using PyROOT.


HDTV is nearing beta. Most commonly used features of TV are there, with the big exception of printing, and a small amount of work remaining to be done on matrix operations. We plan for a beta release in the near future.


The current version of hdtv is 0.3.6, released 2011-07-26. This is still an alpha release with a number of known bugs.

Download:  http://www.ikp.uni-koeln.de/src/hdtv/hdtv-0.3.6.tgz