BCGS Intensive Week:

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry: Technique and Applications

31. March – 4. April 2014, University of Cologne, Germany

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Main lecturer:

  • Prof. Dr. Walter Kutschera (University of Vienna/VERA)

Afternoon Lecturers:

  • Prof. Dr. Janet Rethemeyer (University of Cologne)
  • Prof. Dr. Tibor Dunai (University of Cologne)
  • PD Dr. Alfred Dewald (University of Cologne/Cologne-AMS)

General Information:

The series of morning lectures given by Prof. Dr. Kutschera introduced the Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) technique and various applications of this highly sensitive method for determination of isotopic abundances. By measuring the minute abundances of long-lived radioactive and rare stable isotopes it is possible to date organic materials, geological layers, events and erosion rates, do climate studies, and trace the origin of materials or substances and many other applications. One of the best known AMS applications is Carbon-14 (radiocarbon) dating for determining the age of an organic material, of particular importance for archeological studies. In the afternoons there were additional lectures by local experts and practical sessions at the AMS accelarator, sample preparation labs, a short measurement at the Cologne-AMS facility and introducion into the analysis of AMS measurements. In addition, we had a discussion forum on the topic of “Gender issues in the field of AMS”.

Please, send your questions to Dr. Andrey Blazhev (email: a.blazhev (at)

Place and Time:

The lectures started on Monday 31.03.2014 at the Institute for Geology and Mineralogy (Building 902) Greinstr. 4-6, Cologne, Lecture hall 014 (ground floor). From 1.04.2014 on the lectures were held at IKP Seminar room. The practical sessions took place at IKP FN-Tandem and AMS accelarators and measurements setups, at sample preparation labs of Geology and Mineralogy Institutes, and at the IKP seminar room.


Monday (31.03.) Tuesday (01.04.) Wednesday (02.04.) Thursday (03.04.) Friday (04.04.)
10:00 - 12:00 W. Kutschera "History and Technology" W. Kutschera "Radiocarbon and Archaeology" W. Kutschera "Cosmogenic Isotopes" W. Kutschera "Anthropogenic Isotopes" W. Kutschera "Astrophysics"
lunch break Closing Remarks -- END --
13:30 - 15:00 Afternoon lecture 1 (A. Dewald) Afternoon lecture 2 (J. Rethemeyer) Afternoon lecture 3 (T. Dunai)

13:00 P. Kudejova

13:40 T. Sava

14:00 S. Dey

followed by

Practical session 4


coffee break -
15:30 - 16:30

practical session 1 @IKP

practical session 2 @GEO

discussion forum @IKP Seminar (moderator A.Blazhev)

practical session 4 @IKP Seminar

16:30 - 17:30(18:00) practical session 1 @IKP practical session 2 @GEO practical session 3 @IKP practical session 4 @IKP Seminar -

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