BCGS Intensive Week Course:

The Interacting Boson Model and its Extensions - Hands on

P. Van Isacker et al., 18-22.February.2013 (Seminar room IKP)

A group photo of most of the participants and lecturers.(Cologne 20.02.2013)
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Course ID:

53152 WS 2012/13

Time and Place:

  • 18-22.February.2013, seminar room IKP
  • Mo-Th 10-12, 13:30 - 17
  • Fr 10-12, 13:30 - 15

General Information:

This was a memorable intensive week! It started with a brief reminder of the Interacting Boson Model (IBM1) (Monday), its concepts and symmetries. Afterwards we have focused on various extensions. Among these are IBM with inclusion of other bosons (SDG, SPDF, etc.) (Tuesday/Wednesday), IBM with neutrons and protons (IBM2, IBM3, IBM4)(Wednesday/Thursday), calculations with intruder states(Thursday), IBM for odd-A and odd-odd nuclei (Friday).

In the afternoons there were also hands-on sessions. These have introduced some codes (IBM1, ArbModel, Octupole, ODDA) addressing different extensions of the IBM.

Main lecturer:

  • Dr. P. Van Isacker (GANIL France)

Afternoon Talks and Excercises:

  • Prof. Dr. Jan Jolie (IKP, Köln)
  • Dr. Stefan Heinze (IKP, Köln)
  • Dr. Kosuke Nomura (IKP, Köln)
  • Dr. Nigel Warr (IKP, Köln)
  • Dr. Mahmut Böyükata (IKP, Köln; Çanakkale Univ., Turkey)


Monday (18.02.) Tuesday (19.02.) Wednesday (20.02.) Thursday (21.02.) Friday (22.02.)
10:00 - 12:00 P. Van Isacker (L1) P. Van Isacker (L2) P. Van Isacker (L3) P. Van Isacker (L4) P. Van Isacker (L5)
lunch break
13:30 - 15:00 P. Van Isacker (E1) "IBM1" S. Heinze (E2) "ArbModel" K. Nomura (Talk3) "Microscopy" J. Jolie (Talk4) "Intruders" M. Böyükata (E5) "ODDA"
coffee break
15:30 - 17:00 P. Van Isacker (E1) "IBM1" S. Heinze (E2) "ArbModel" K. Nomura (E3) "Mean-field calc." N. Warr (E4) "Octupole" ---------

Download Lecture and Exercise Slides [1] (last updated 22.02.2013)(needs a password)
[1] Please note that for the morning lectures (L1-L5) these are only the accompanying slides, which summarise and complement the lectures written on the blackboard.

For any information about this very interesting week please send an email to a.blazhev at!