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Catalogues containing Rock Lords

In the 80es, most toy retailers gave away catalogues and "wishbooks" to promote their items. The figures were most of the time displayed in a very beautiful and appetizing way to generate demand for them amongst children. This was also the case for Rock Lords Action Figures, of course. Here are some examples of toy shop catalogues depicting offers for Rock Lords toys.

USA : Tonka Wishbook by Crest Toothpaste

Picture from the "Tonka Wishbook by Crest Toothpaste" from the USA. Sadly the owner only gave me a poor scan, so I cannot tell much about what's told on the page. Basically there are all the series 1 and 2 Rock Lords, the Rock Pot vehicle and the first series of narlies. The Marbles pictured seems to have a strange colour scheme, that however comes much closer to real "marbles", very cool (this is the same picture used in the TONKA 1986 Catalogue and the Australian promo comic, containing many prototype Rock Lords figures).

scan from Arnaud Heyser

FRANCE : Joué Club 1986 Catalogue

"Rock Lords : Les seigneurs de la Roche, véritables magiciens. Une boule en forme de rocher, aux couleurs puissantes de l''or, de l'argent ou du charbon; se transforme en un rien de temps en Robot."

scan from the 1986 catalogue of the french Toy Shop chain "Joué Club". Pictured are the Series 1 Rock Lords sold that year.

scan from Arnaud Heyser

FRANCE : Joué Club 1987 Catalogue

"Blast Rock : Rocher roulant qui s'ouvre automatiquement quand il s'arrête.
Spikestone : Rocher préhistorique se transformant en Rockasaurs préhistorique."

scan from the 1987 catalogue of the french Toy Shop chain "JoueClub". Pictured are the Shock Rocks, the Rockasaur Spikestone and the Stonewing jet.
FRANCE : BANDAI Toy catalogue

French catalogue showing some Rock Lords in European boxes. Shown are Sticks n' Stones, Magmar, Nuggit, Granite in boxes, and Tombstone and Boulder loose (Thus the complete first series).

USA : Tonka 1986 Catalogue

This picture is taken from the TONKA 86 Catalogue and shows once again the famous prototype picture, containing the alternate Versions of Slimestone, Marbles, Boulder, Granite, Crackpot, Pulver-Eyes and Brimstone. You can see more details in the Australian promo comic.

FRANCE : 1987 Printemps Toy Catalogue

The big French retailer "Printemps" also published a toy promotion catalogue for the toylines of 1987, among which is featured a picture of the european "action shock rocks" Blast Rock, Dragonstone and Stun Stone in their special color variants.

FRANCE: Bandai Toy Promotion 1987 Catalogue

Promotional catalogue of the BANDAI France toys of the 1987 season that was sent to dealers to advertise their product. It includes (other than the Rock Lords) BANDAI brands sold in France such as Gobots, Gabby Bear, Pocket Zaurus, Tiki, ...

One of the pamphlets included in the portfolio is exclusively dedicated to the Rock Lords.


SEARS Wishbook 1986

The Sears Wishbook was probably the bible of every 80ies US kid. The Rock Lords also got a tiny slot in that big catalogue of children's dreams in the 1986 edition.