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Japan Catalogue 2. year (Jewel Lords, Fossil Lords)

The ultra-rare japanese Jewel-Lords catalogue, only found in some of the Jewel Lords boxes. This catalogue contains some fabulous images, including the japanese Jewel Lords, all the japanese colour variations of the regular figures and an awesome image of a Fossilsaurus prototype. The cover shows a bunch of Rock Lords, Rockasaurs and vehicles surrounding the three Jewel Lords in flight.

The next two pages of the catalogue show all the three Jewel Lords. Solitaire (Diaman) is the only figure that has major differences to the figures released in Europe and North America.
pages 4 and 5 show all the regular Rock Lords released in Japan (Saberstone and Spearhead were not released in Japan). Notice that Slimestone is on the side of the good Rock Lords, and Pulver-Eyes is on the side of  the evil Rock Lords ! This is not a mistake, because they show the same affiliation in the japanese Series 2 catalogue - apparently the series was designed like that in Japan. All the colour variations of the evil Rock Warriors of series 1 are pictured : green face Magmar, red neck Tombstone and black skin Sticks 'n Stones. And the variations in Marbles and Slimestone as well.
pages 5 and 6 show the Stone Wing vehicle, that also was released in Japan (the Rock Pot was not released there) and the two Rockasaurs.
the last page of the catalogue is the most fascinating. It shows the mighty Fossilsaurus, the combiner made of the four Fossil Lords. The pictured prototype differs in many ways from the finished product, it has a lot more detail, does not have the body armour and has a totally different, spacy colour scheme !