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The ROCK LORDS Movie : press kit

This is a press kit from the "Battle of the Rock Lords" movie - it contains a digest of the film content and some nice pictures for promotional use. This was sent to film critics and journalists to promote the film and give them an idea of the content.

Below are details of the pictures included (Thanks Scott !).

Press Kit for the Rock Lords movie

This picture shows the "good" party the Gobots and Rocklords as they are being chased by the Rockasaurs, Spikestone and Terra-Roc. As you can see from the picture, the movie versions of the Rockasaurs are much larger than the toy versions.

The other Rock Lords featured in this picture are Boulder, Pulver-Eyes, Granite, Marbles and Nuggit.

This is a beautiful epic picture involving the main characters of the movie. A stand-off in front of Stonehead between Boulder and Magmar and his minions Sticks 'n Stones and Tombstone. Solitaire and Nuggit are in the background, as well as the Gobots which are flying over the scene.
This picture depicts Solitaire in the hands of Magmar's evil faction at Stonehead. Sticks 'n Stones holds Solitaire while Magmar and Slimestone stand by.
This picture shows the Gobots and Good Rock Lords being blown away by a massive explosion.
This is the picture that was used for most versions of the VHS tape cover and also the theatrical poster for the Rock Lords movie. It shows Magmar and Boulder in a stand-off while the Gobots fly over the scene and some Narlies are fighting in the front.