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Rock Lords original Art for Lunchbox

Here you can see the original artwork that was used for the Rock Lords "Lunchbox & Thermos" set. It was offered on eBay and the seller gave the following information in his description :

"This is the Original Artwork proposed for a Rock Lords Lunchbox for the Thermos Company dated 1986. It is unsigned. The matted image measures 10" x 14 1/2". It's a hand-painted and airbrushed watercolor on heavy paper with a flip-up clear plastic overlay with black outlining. It's lightly bonded and taped onto heavy cardboard. It comes in a large 15" x 20" folder."

I actually tried to buy it, but the seller did not answer my emails trying to know more about the piece (like the drawer, origin and history of the item etc) so I decided to stay away. As far as I know it did not sell and is still in hands of the original seller.

I don't know much about the techniques used to make such a painting, but these images give a nice insight on how this artwork was made.

My guess is the artist that made this was also one of those involved in the making of the Rock Lords movie, as the characters are drawn exactly in the same way.