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Rock Lords shipping case

As all action figure toys, the carded Rock Lords figures were delivered to the retail stores in assorted boxes. These are now incredibly rare because usually get trashed as soon as the toys were put on the shelves. I had the great opportunity to get hold of this full shipping case of series 1 Narlies and thus get an idea of how these cases were made. In fact, great detail has been put into the design of these cases. The Rock Lords logo is on it, as well as the Tonka logo. Other information included are the content :

"24 No. 7503 Rock Lords Narlies - Made in Macao, to the specifications of Tonka Toys, Division of Tonka Corporation, Minnetonka, MN 55343, USA"

There were 24 carded Narlies in there : 6 Narligators, 6 Narlihogs, 6 Narlizard and 6 Narliphant.