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Rock Lords toy preview poster

Here we have a small poster released in a Gobots magazine, advertising the then upcoming Rock Lords toys. The poster features an early artwork including Sticks'n Stones, Magmar, Nuggit, Boulder and the Narlizard in a vulcanic Landscape on Quartex. The text reads :

"ROCK LORDS - Powerful living rocks !  -  just imagine - 12 powerful living rocks that you change into amazing rock warriors ! They come from the planet Quartex, a rock world at war, where the forces of heroic Boulder battle the evil Magmar and his henchmen. At their side, vicious, quivering, hairy Rock Narlies. And now they've reached our planet. You collect them. You control them. But no force in the universe can contain the power and fury of the Rock Lords !   -   Coming soon : Leader 1 and the Guardians of GoBotron team up with heroic Boulder "GoBots - the Battle of the Rock Lords" An action packed feature film."