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evil leader

Product Number 77004
デビルロック (Devilrock)

Series 1

Magmar is the leader of the evil Rock Lords and wants to rule over Quartex, the world of the Rock Lords. He tries to achieve this together with his team of evil rocks. The Narligator likes to follow him.

Stone: Igneous. Formed of molten lava that reflects his fiery emotions.
Weapon: Ax-Rifle
Japanese Weapon:
クラブディール (Club deal)

Japanese Filecard stats
身長 2.10 メートル height 2.10 meters
体重 1.05 トン weight 1.05 tons
超人硬度 / 12 degree of hardness 12
ボデイタイプ 宇宙岩石 body type: space rock


"Magmar is the most cunning and evil-minded of the Rock Lords. His domineering personality and physical strength make him a fearful presence to all but the most brave. Magmar lives to conquer the rock planet Quartex. His favorite activity is combat. Weilding his Ax-Rifle with deadly accuracy, he assaults foes scattering rocks and pebbles as he goes."

Japanese Filecard:

性格と能力 自分の欲望のためなら、どんなひれつなこともする極悪超人。岩石超人の中でも硬度がいちばん高く、かたいボディを使った攻撃はものすごい破壊力。宇宙拳法も得意だが、反則技が多い。両肩からは腐食ガスを発射する。

Card variations

Magmar was released in different ways in different countries. On the european continent, Magmar was released in a BANDAI box, in England and the USA on a Tonka card. Generally, the boxed Rock Lords are harder to find. In Japan, Magmar was released under the name "Devilrock" in a special box.

US card, series 1, Tonka Canadian card, Tonka Japanese Box, "Devilrock", Ban Dai
European Box, first wave, Bandai European Box, second wave, Bandai


Transformation Instructions & Description

Below is a picture of Magmar in its Rock Form, and a picture from the Bandai catalogue.



The Japan release of Magmar (Devilrock) shows heavy differences in color from the Magmar released in the western world. A South Korean "Devil Rock" kit was released (picture below). Not much is known about these kits. For more details, see the South Korean kits page.


Japan catalogue : Rock Lords series 1


The picture included in an early australian promo comic shows a prototype Magmar figure that shows significant differences from the produced figure, the most noteable being the "shoulder tabs" and the added detail on the chest symbol. This same prototype was later reused for a picture of the unproduced Stonehead playset, included in the Tonka 1986 catalogue.