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Product Number 77013

Series 3

Saberstone is the only female in Magmar's group of evil rocks. She was released in the third series along with Spearhead. There is no bio for this figure.

This is the Weapon she came with:


Saberstone was not delivered with a filecard.

Card variations

Saberstone was released in different ways in different countries. On the european continent, Saberstone was released in a BANDAI box and was called "Sabrestone", in England and the USA on a Tonka card. Generally, the boxed Rock Lords are harder to find - however the Tonka carded Saberstone is much harder to find than the european boxed version which turns up more often. Note the different spellings "Saberstone" and "Sabrestone". Saberstone was not released in Japan.

Transformation Instructions & Description

On the left is pictured how Saberstone is supposed to transform.

Below is a picture of Saberstone in its Rock Form, and a picture from the Bandai catalogue.



Apart from the different spelling of the name, there are no variations of Saberstone known to exist.