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Product Number 77005

Series 1

Sticks and Stones are fighting together as one single Rocklord. Together, they are nearly invincible. They consist of a mix of anthracite (coal) and magnetite.

Stone: Anthracite (coal) & Magnetite - a dangerous combination of minerals that causes sparks. 
Weapon: Cactus Club (Sticks, left side); Double Duty Mace (Stones, right side).


"Sticks 'n Stones are the living proof that two heads are worse than one. They're constantly at odds with each other. But give them a single purpose -destroying good rocks- and they become an awesome fighting force. The very sight of them charging into battle with their Cactus Club and Double Duty mace is enough to send enemies flying home!"

Card variations

Sticks 'n Stones was released in different ways in different countries. On the european continent, Sticks 'n Stones was released in a BANDAI box, in England and the USA on a Tonka card. Generally, the boxed Rock Lords are harder to find. In Japan, Sticks 'n Stones were released under the name "Doublerock" in black colour in a special box.

US card, Tonka, series 1

US card, Tonka, series 2

Bandai Box, Europe, Wave 1

Bandai Box, Japan

Bandai box, japan (back)

Bandai Box, Europe, Wave 2


Transformation Instructions & Description

On the left is pictured how Sticks 'n Stones is supposed to transform.

Below is a picture of Sticks 'n Stones in its Rock Form, and a picture from the Bandai catalogue.


In Japan, Sticks 'n Stones was sold under the name "Doublerock" in black color.

Japan catalogue : Rock Lords series 1