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Product Number 77010
アマゾンロック (Amazonrock)
(ruler of aquapower)

Series 2

Stoneheart is the most cruel and evil of the Rock Lord. He consists of slate, and is toroughly evil.

Stone: Slate, a cold hard rock symbolic of Stoneheart's personality.
Weapon: Slam Ray
Japanese Weapon:
デスハープーン (Death Harpoon)

Japanese Filecard Stats
身長 2.05 メートル height 2.05 meters
体重 0.94 トン weight 0.94 tons
超人硬度 11 degree of hardness 11
ボデイタイプ 宇宙マラカイト body type: Space malachite


"Stoneheart is the largest and cruelest of the evil rock warriors. He takes special delight in teasing his enemies before defeating them. Extremely unpredictable, Stoneheart's first loyalty is to himself, and even Magmar thinks twice about crossing him. Stoneheart fights like a raging beast, his Slam Ray hammering foes into rubble."

Japanese Filecard:

性格と能力 水の力を自由にあやつり、雨や洪水、うずまきなどを起こすことができる。しかし、高熱に弱いのが弱点。岩石超人きっての冷血漢で次々に残酷な攻撃をしかける。

武器 / デスハープーン もりのように飛ばして相手につきさす武器。また、水の力を集め、洪水やうずまきなどを起こすことができつ。

Card variations

Stoneheart was released in different ways in different countries. On the european continent, Stoneheart was released in a BANDAI box, in England and the USA on a Tonka card. Generally, the boxed Rock Lords are harder to find. In Japan, Stoneheart was sold in a special Box under the Name "Amazonrock". In Australie, Stoneheart was released in a Bandai box as in Europe, but under the "Machine Men" logo and not the "Gobots" logo.

US Tonka card

US Tonka card (series 2)

japanese Bandai Box (Amazonrock)

Australian "Machine Men" Bandai box

European Bandai box
Transformation Instructions & Description

Unten befindet sich ein Bild von Stick 'n Stones in seiner Stein-Gestalt, und ein Bild aus dem Bandai-Katalog
Below is a picture of Sticks 'n Stones in its Rock Form, and a picture from the Bandai catalogue.



The Japanese version of Stoneheart ("Amazonrock") has a lighter color than the Stoneheart figures released in the West (more "blue" than "green").

In the Tonka 1986 catalogue, the unproduced Stonehead playset is pictured with a black Stoneheart. This version was never produced, but it is an interesting prototype and maybe this figure was supposed to be included in the playset ...