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Heroic leader of the Rockasaurs

When all four Fossil Lords combine, this is what they become: Rockasaurus Rex, the Fossilosaurus himself ! The Fossil Saurus has a lot of accessories that are given in detail below.


There is no filecard for the Fossilosaurus


The Rockasaurus Rex has the following accessories :

2x arm armour

small gun

belt, front & back part

50 plastic balls for big gun

2x head armour

big gun

2x leg armour, bottom part

2x leg armour, top part
Transformation instructions

These are the transforming instructions from the japanese box.

Catalogue Pictures & Description

picture from the japanese Machine Robo catalogue (prototype)

Another Prototype of the Fossil Saurus, with different armour.

picture from the Tonka 1987 catalogue (prototype)
Box Variations

In Europe, the Fossil Lords combiner team was released in a Bandai ROCK LORDS box, in Japan in a japanese Machine Robo box. The japanese box is far more common, and the european box is a sought rarity - only a handful have turned up so far.

Fossil Lords combiner Team : japanese box

Fossilsaurus - Monstre Préhistorique - European box.

Back of the european box

This is how the Fossil Lords were put inside the box