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good leader

Product Number 77001
MR R-1
バトルロック (Battlerock)
(leader of the good Rock Lords)

Series 1

Boulder is the leader of the good Rock Lords. He is also intelligent and very strong, thus the natural hero and leader of the forces of good.

Stone: Tungsten - among the toughest of all minerals, it shows durability and resolve.
Weapon: Power Sword
Japanese Weapon:
ジャスティス・レーザーガン (Justice Laser Gun)


Red weapon - U.S. Version

Black Weapon - Europa/Australia

Japanese Filecard stats

身長 1.92 メートル height 1.92 meters
体重 1.02 トン weight 1.02 tons
超人硬度 / 10 degree of hardness 10
ボデイタイプ キンバーライト (ダイヤモンドの原石) body type: Kimberlite (Raw Diamond)


"Brave and wise with an awesome physique, Boulder leads the defense of Quartex against Magmar's villianous plots. Boulder has rallied the remaining free kingdoms of the planet under his leadership. His fiery temper strikes fear into friend and foe alike. In the heart of the battle, he scatters enemies with stungun blasts and zaps them with his Power Sword."

Japanese Filecard:

性格と能力 とても頭がよく、太っ腹のたのもしいボス。サイコファイヤーを出しながら激突するバーニンぐ・ブロッカーが特技で、空手に似た宇宙拳法もこなす。額からはサーチャー・ビームを発射し、相手の能力を調べることもできる。

Card variations

Boulder was released in different ways in different countries. On the european continent, Boulder was released in a BANDAI box and was named "Bolder", in England and the USA on a Tonka card. Generally, the boxed Rock Lords are harder to find. Note the spelling differences "Boulder" and "Bolder". In Japan, Boulder was sold in a special box under the name "Battlerock". In Australia, Boulder was released in a Bandai Box under the "Machine Men" logo, the box differs from the european one: the name is Boulder and not Bolder, the Box shape is different and the logo is not "Gobots" but "Machine Men". The back of the box is also different for series one.

Boulder, US Series 1 card (Tonka) Boulder, US Series 2 card (Tonka) Boulder / Gros Galet (Canada)
"Bolder", European Bandai Box Boulder, Australian Bandai Box ("Machine Men") "Boulder", first version of the European Box (Bandai)
"Battlerock", Japanese Box (Bandai)
Transformation Instructions & Description

On the left is pictured how Boulder is supposed to transform.

Below is a picture of Boulder in its Rock Form, and a picture from the Bandai catalogue.



The european version of the gun is black, while the american one is red. However, there might have been mix-ups to this pattern.

Japan catalogue : Rock Lords series 1

The "Battlerock" Figure released in Japan has a different "skin" tone and helmet color.

The picture on the right, taken from the centerpage photograph of an australian promo comic, shows a prototype of the Boulder figure. Obviously, the Boulder figure was originally planned to be called Granite, while the Granite figure would have been the good leader, and called "Bolder".

The prototype has a slightly different body mould, a darker skin and a different helmet than the final version.