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Product Number 77009
MR R-6
クロスロック (Crossrock)
(Rock knight with big pride)

Series 2

Crackpot is one crazy guy, but his crazy ideas have already saved the good Rock Lords in many situations ...

Stone: Azurite - a mix of violet and gray that's tough enough to resist good-natured kidding.
Weapon: Magnetic Pulse Gun
Japanese Weapon:
セイントソード (saint sword) 

Japanese Filecard Stats
身長 1.80 メートル Size: 1.80 meters
体重 1.08 トン Weight: 1.08 tons
超人硬度 10 degree of hardness 10
ボデイタイプ 宇宙ベンガラ body type: Space bengala (Red Ochre)


"Crackpot's name describes his personality-slightly goofy. The other warriors give him a hard time about his crazy notions but Crackpot can think of good ideas that save them from a jam. His magnetic pulse ray "attracts" bad rocks and turns them into magnetic rock heaps!"

Japanese Filecard:

性格と能力 岩石王族の子孫で、小さなころから騎士としてのきびしい教育を受けてきた。チームプレーよりも一騎うちに強いタイプ。正義感が強く、まがつたことは大キライ。

武器 / セイントソード 岩石王族に代々伝わる聖なる剣。剣の先からは神から与えられたオーラを発し、悪のエネルギーを静める。

Card variations

Crackpot was released in different ways in different countries. On the european continent, Crackpot was released in a BANDAI box, in England and the USA on a Tonka card. Generally, the boxed Rock Lords are harder to find. In Japan, Crackpot was sold under the name "Crossrock", in special box.

Series 1 Tonka card (US)

Series 2 Tonka card (US)

Canadian Tonka card

European Bandai box

japanese bandai box

japanese bandai box (back)


Transformation Instructions & Description

On the left, you can see a picture of the side of the japanese box of Crackpot (Crossrock)

Below is a picture of Crackpot in its Rock Form, and a picture from the Bandai catalogue.


Transforming Instructions from the Japanese Crackpot (Crossrock)

Japanese catalogue picture



The "skin" of the Crackpot figure released in Japan has a different tone than the one released in the West.

Crackpot prototype, as seen in the Tonka 86 catalogue


Early pictures in the australian promo comic show a different Crackpot figure than the one that was produced. The Colour was brown with small black dots, like a vulcanic or meteorite structure. The same prototype figure was reused in the Tonka 1986 catalogue, in the picture showing the unproduced Stonehead playset. A very interesting prototype - I don't know why the figure was produced in different colours, because this way the figure looks very good in my view. Probably it would have been too close to Magmar in its colour. An interesting fact in this context is that the japanese filecard lists the body type of "crossrock" to be "space bengala" - and bengala (or "Red Ochre") is a ferrous oxide of red colour (which would be far better suiting to the figure shown on the right than the released toy).

Crackpot, as seen in the australian promo comic