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jewel lord (good)

Product Number 77016

Series 3

I have no information about Sunstone. He is a good guy as all the jewel lords. He was released in the third series along with Solitaire and Flamestone.

Stone: Amber
Weapon: ?


Sunstone was not released with a filecard.

Card variations

Sunstone was released in different ways in different countries. On the european continent, Sunstone was released in a BANDAI box, in England and the USA on a Tonka card. Generally, the boxed Rock Lords are harder to find, but any packaged jewel lord is hard to come by. In Japan, Sunstone was sold in a special Box with the Name "Amberman".

U.S. Tonka card

Bandai Box, Japan

Bandai Box, Europe
Transformation Instructions & Description

Below is a picture of Sunstone in its Rock Form, and a picture from the Bandai catalogue.

picture from the japanese Bandai catalogue

japanese transformation instructions

picture from the back of the japanese box

There are no variations of Sunstone known to exist.

The prototype shown in the Tonka catalogue of 1987 has different legs then the production figure : on the produced Sunstone, the legs are made of metal, while the prototype has plastic legs.