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Narlihog was sold in the first series of Narlies that included: narlizard and narligator (evil), narlihog and narliphant (good)


"Like the Narliphant, the Narlihog likes being around good rock warriors and so he's usually good natured. But like all Narlies, the Narlihog can turn from nice to nasty faster than a Rock lord can change shape. That's why everyone always stays on the good side of narlies!"

card variations


In the U.S. and U.K., the Narlies were sold on Tonka cards. In Europe, Narlies were sold on Bandai card, the card design differs from the Tonka cards. Narlies were not available in Japan.


US Tonka card, series 1

US Tonka card, series 2

European Bandai card
description and catalogue picture

The european Bandai catalogue shows the Narlihog as well as all other Narlies of series one.


There are no variations of Narlihog known to exist.