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Narliphant was sold in the first series of Narlies that included: narlizard and narligator (evil), narlihog and narliphant (good)


"The Narliphant has a streak of niceness that shows through when he gets along with good rock warriors. Deep down, however, he shares the same quick-tempered fierceness so common in his species. Just rub him the wrong way and watch out!"

card variations

In the U.S. and U.K., the Narlies were sold on Tonka cards. In Europe, Narlies were sold on Bandai card, the card design differs from the Tonka cards. Narlies were not available in Japan.

Narliphant, Series 1 card (Tonka) Narliphant, Series 2 card (Tonka) Narliphant, European Bandai card (photo: Sylvain Heyser)
description and catalogue picture

The european Bandai catalogue shows the Narliphant as well as all other Narlies of series one.

There are no variations of Narliphant known to exist.

pictures of the Narliphant in the Rock Lords cartoon