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New Additions to the Rock Lords Archive

I'm constantly updating this Rock Lords Archive, here you'll be notified of new additions. If you have anything that's on this list or not pictured on the site, please let me know !!

13.12.2009 It was definitely time for a new update. Lots of fresh and interesting stuff for you Rock Lords enthousiasts out there. Many thanks to all the people that sent material in and for your patience with my slow updates !

I promise to get to work soon in putting up the missing japanese filecards and translating them. I also have some other japanese production sketches for a Jewel Lords Base, An evil Rock Lords transformable base and an unproduced jewel lord that I hope will have the time to put online soon.

  • Updated Rock Lords Collections. So many nice pictures already, feel free to send me your own. I'll also have to take pictures of my collection soon ...
  • Added Slimestone / Magnarock in Japanese Bandai Box (Thanks Jason!)
  • Added pictures of Bootleg/Knock-off Terra-Roc (Thanks Jason!)
12.11.2008 It's nearly been two years without updates, time to get the ball rolling once again. Please keep supporting the site by visiting some of the sponsor links from time to time :o) I also always enjoy getting some feedback about the site.
25.12.2006 I'm beginning to add the japanese filecards, names etc. to the site. This will be a big task but should greatly improve the site and deepen the knowledge of Rock Lords. I already typed in the filecards for Slimestone, Stoneheart, Marbles and Crackpot. I will continue to add them one by one (and of course translate them !). First will be the regular Rock Lords (series 1 and 2) and then the Jewel Lords and the Fossil Lord. You can expect many nice things in the coming year on this site ! (also a new japanese catalogue).
I also reviewed some pages and corrected a few glitches and typos here and there, and made "below the surface" changes that are not visible to the eye but should improve the overall experience of the site.
I wish all readers of the site a merry christmas and a happy new year !

I am slowly proceeding with updates to the website. First thing is to check the existing pages for errors and glitches, and to remove remaining traces of german, as I want to make this a english-only website. Next thing coming will be new pictures (carded "egg" shock rocks, japanese boxed rock lords) and better pictures (some existing ones are really blurry - sadly I don't own all of the items, so some of the rare stuff will have to keep its old pictures). To pay for traffic and webhosting, I introduced ads to the pages, I hope they will not disturb the experience or dramatically increase loading times, but it becomes necessary. You probably know how you can support the website "using" these advertisements. Also I still have Rock Lords items for sale so if there's a hole in your collection you'd like to fill give me a shot.

  • Added GoBots Magazine picture
  • Added japanese Spikestone MIB pictures (Rockdon)
  • Added japanese instructions for Spiekestone (Rockdon) and Terra-Roc (Rockgilan)
  • Added pictures of japanese Stone Wing box (Rock Commander)
  • Added Stoneheard european MIB picture
  • Added Sticks' n Stones (Doublerock) japanese MIB picture (back)
  • Updated toy checklist, pictures needed
  • Added Pulver-Eyes MOC (US series 2) picture
  • Added Boulder costume (various items)
  • Added Tonka Catalogue picture
  • Added Rock Lords movie press kit
  • Added picture of Shock Rocks US cardback
  • Added Crackpot MOC US Series 2
  • Added Rock Lords toy shipping case item (various)
  • Added Boulder minicomic and filecard
  • Added Brimstone minicomic and filecard
  • Added Crackpot minicomic and filecard
  • Added Nuggit minicomic and filecard
  • Added Sticks n' Stones minicomic and filecard
  • Collection pictures section is being reconstructed.
  • Added Magmar prototype picture
  • Added Marbles prototype picture
  • Added Pulver-Eyes "Rockmite" prototype picture
  • Added Crackpot prototype picture
  • Added Slimestone prototype picture
  • Added Australian Promo comic to the comics section
  • Added Boulder prototype picture
  • Added Brimstone prototype picture
  • Added Sticks'n Stones "first wave" European Box
  • Added Australian movie poster for "Battle of the Rock Lords"
  • Added Terra-Roc in European Bandai box
  • Added "Battle of the Rock Lords" VHS cassette from Israel
  • Added original artwork for the Rock Lords Lunchbox by Thermos
  • Added Tonka Rock Lords toy preview poster
  • Added Slimestone in Bandai box
  • Added Solitaire in japanese box, and back of japanese box
  • Added Stone Hook in European Bandai box
  • Updated picture request list - Please help me with anything that's missing !
  • Updated the Checklist
  • Added Rock Roller on Canadian Card
  • Added Stoneheart in japanese box (Amazonrock)
  • Added Boulder in "first wave" European Box
  • Added Magmar in "first wave" European Box
  • Added Magmar in second wave European Box
  • Added Granite in japanese box (Gutsrock)
  • Added Spikestone : Filecard, Minicomic and Instructions (European and U.S.)
  • Added Terra-Roc : Filecard, Minicomic and Instructions (U.S. only)
  • Added Comic "Powerful living rocks face a deadly new peril"
  • Added Fossilsaurus in European Box (front and back picture)
  • Added Marbles : european transformation instructions
  • Added Sunstone : japanese catalogue picture, japanese transformation instructions, weapon picture, back of japanese box
  • Added Flamestone : japanese catalogue picture, japanese transformation instructions, back of japanese box
  • Added Crackpot : japanese catalogue picture, japanese transformation instructions, back of japanese box
  • Added Jewel Lords : japanese catalogue picture
  • updated search list
  • Flamestone in Bandai box, transforming instructions