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Product Number 77761

Spike Stone is part of the Rockasaurs Line, along with Terra-Roc


"Spike Stone and other Rockasaurs roam the land showing no favor to either good or evil rock warriors. Rockasaurs guard their territory jealously attacking all who are foolish enough to challenge their might! When Spike Stone changes from rock ro beast, he becomes a menacing monster!"

card variations

Spikestone came boxed in a Tonka Box in the U.S. and the U.K., on the european continent, he was sold in Bandai Blisterboxes. In Japan, Spike Stone was sold in a special box with the name "Rockdon". In Canada, Spikestone was sold in a red Tonka box as in the U.S., but the box was bilingual and the french version of the name was "Pierre-Pic".

Spike Stone - European Bandai Box

Spike Stone - Tonka US box

Rockdon - Japanese box

Spike Stone / Pierre-Pic : Tonka Canadian box

Other views of the japanes box of Spikestone (Rockdon)

these are the instructions on the back of the european Bandai box of Spike Stone. It contains hardcore advertising for "the other Rockasaur", Terra-Roc. Bandai really wants you to collect them all !

these are the instructions included in the U.S. release Tonka box. Click on the small pictures to view them full-size.

Instructions - page 1

Instructions - page 2

Instructions - page 3

Instructions - page 4

instructions for the japanese Rockasaurs, Rockdon and Rockgilan, are put together in a small booklet.

Back side of the japanese instruction booklet for the Rockasaurs, showing Boulder riding on Terra-Roc (Rockgilan) and Granite on the back of Spikestone (Rockdon).
catalogue picture & description

The european Bandai catalogue shows pictures of both Rockasaurs, and an individual picture of Spike Stone. Next to the catalogue picture is a picture of Spike Stone in rock mode.


There are no known variations of Spike Stone.