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Product Number 77762

Terra-Roc is part of the Rockasaurs Line, along with Spike Stone


"Among the hazards of the planet Quartex are Rockasaurs. Both good and evil Rock Lords must be on their guard when travelling in the wilderness. The large rock they stumble over might change into Terra-Roc! This winged menace soars through the air spreading fear and terror with his piercing cries warning everyone to "Look out below!"."

card variations

Terra-Roc came boxed in a Tonka Box in the U.S. and the U.K., on the european continent, he was sold in Bandai Blisterboxes. The picture shows Terra-Roc in a canadian box. In Japan, Terra-Roc was sold in a special box with the name "Rockgilan".

Canadian Box, Tonka

European Bandai Box
catalogue picture & description

The european Bandai catalogue shows pictures of both Rockasaurs, and an individual picture of Terra-Roc. Interesting is that the shown prototype has totally different colors than the production Terra-roc. Next to the catalogue picture is a picture of Terra-Roc in rock mode.


these are the instructions for Terra-Rox that came in the U.S. release Tonka Box. Click on the small images to view them full-size.

Instructions - page 1

Instructions - page 2

Instructions - page 3

In Japan the Rockasaurs were issued with a small booklet containing the instructions for the transformation of the Rockasaurs and some nice pictures.

There are no known variations of Terra-Roc. Interesting is that the prototype shown in the Bandai catalogue has totally different colours than the final production piece. 
Another interesting thing is that the Terra-Roc has been bootlegged. A "Dinosaur" based on the Terra-Roc was produced by an unknown Company, probably unlicensed.

The pictures below show detailed pictures of this Bootleg toy and comparison with the original Terra-Roc, kindly provided by Jason (from his collection)