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Stun Stone is a good "shock rock" that goes into attack mode when the stone is rolled. Stun Stone is part of the second series of action shock rocks, along with Dragonstone and Blast Rock.


Stun Stone was not delivered with a filecard.

card variations

The action shock rocks of the second series were not sold in Japan and the United States and are therefore more difficult to find. In Europe, they were released in the usual Bandai Boxes, and in Canada they were released on bilingual Tonka cards.


photo from Arnaud Heyser
transforming instructions and description

The first picture on the right is from the Tonka Catalogue and shows a prototype of Stun Stone that has a different color scheme than the finished product. The second picture shows Stun Stone in rock form. The picture below shows the same prototype. It is taken from the back of the TONKA packaging for the Shock Rock Eggs.


Stun stone was released in different colours in Northern America and in western Europe.