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Magmar's evil machine

Stone Wing is Magmar's evil machine, he's battling the good Rock Lords with it to gain control over Stonehead. It can transform and is able to travel over land and air. Special features are a hidden gun in the back and a nose that can spring forward.



Magmar's Vehicle: Changes from jet fighter to land vehicle.
Rock Type: 
Andesite: Consisitng of metal, and having characteristics of copper making Stone Wing strong and light weight.
Battering Ram: Force equal to 10,000 Metric Tons
Rock laser gun: Firing range 500 meters
Fold Away Rockets: Firing range of 150 meters
Land Speed: 150 Mph
Air Speed: 300 Mph
Battering Ram
Front and rear rockets
Rear laser rockets

"Magmar must use Stone Wings air and land defenses to conquer the good Rock Lods and Boulder, if Stonehead is to be his. The battle continues with the best weaponry the evil Rock Lords can devise."

Box variations

Stone Wing was released in different ways in different countries. On the european continent, Stone Wing was released in a BANDAI box ("aile de pierre"), in England and the USA in  a Tonka box. In Canada, the Stone Wing Vehicle was released in a bilingual box (Stone Wing Vehicle / Le Véhicule Pierre Volante).

Tonka US box

European Box (picture: Arnaud Heyser)

Japanese Bandai Box

Canadian Tonka box : Stone Wing Vehicle / Le Vehicule Pierre Volante

Japanese Bandai Box (back)

Other views of the japanese box of the Stonewing vehicle ("Rock Commander")
Transformation Instructions & Description

Hinten verbirgt sich eine verborgene Kanone
On the rear is a hidden gun !

Stone Wing im Fahrzeug-Modus
Stone Wing in vehicle mode



There are no known variations of Stonewing.