BCGS Intensive Week EXPORT:

Symmetries in sub-atomic systems

17. - 21. February 2014, RCNP Suita Campus, Osaka University, Japan

General Information:

This was the first EXPORT BCGS Intensive Week. It took place at our partner University in Osaka, Japan. Originally planned as a pure EXPORT of Cologne lectures and exercises, it turned out to be a joint Cologne-Osaka week with equal lecturing from both university lectors.
During this week, three main lecturers (Prof. Jolie, Prof. Fujita, Prof. Kuno) gave series of lectures on selected topics and shared some of their rich experience. In addition there were excercises and practical sessions with computer calculations (Dr. Heinze, Prof. Fujita). A guest lecture on lasers given by Prof. Takabe complemented the visit to the Laser Lab at the Institute of Laser Engineering, which hosted the lectures. The participants visited also the RCNP cyclotrone accelarator complex. Finally one afternoon visit of the Osaka EXPO park and downtown complemented the program.

Main lecturers and sub-topics:

  • Professor Dr. Jan Jolie (U of Cologne): “Symmetries in Atomic nuclei”
  • Professor Dr. Yoshitaka Fujita (U Osaka): “Strong, Weak and EM interactions for the study of Isospin Symmetry in Nuclei”
  • Professor Dr. Yoshitaka Kuno (U Osaka): “Challenge in Intensity Frontier of Elementary Particle Physics”
  • Professor Dr. Hideaki Takabe (U Osaka): “Vacuum Polarisation, Breakdown and Pair-Plasma Creations with Ultra-Intense Lasers”
  • Dr. Stefan Heinze (U of Cologne): Computer Exercises on “Symmetries in Atomic nuclei”


  • Main Seminar Room (E-blg, 3rd F) @ ILE (Institute of Laser Engineering), Osaka University, Japan


  Monday (17.02.)    Tuesday (18.02.) Wednesday (19.02.) Thursday (20.02.) Friday (21.02.)
9:20 - 10:50 Jan Jolie Jan Jolie Jan Jolie Jan Jolie Jan Jolie
11:00 - 12:30 Stefan Heinze Stefan Heinze Stefan Heinze Practical Course (Y. Fujita) Stefan Heinze
lunch break
13:40 - 15:10 Yoshitaka Fujita Yoshitaka Fujita EXPO Park * Hideaki Takabe Yoshitaka Fujita
15:30 - 17:00 Yoshitaka Kuno Yoshitaka Kuno Yoshitaka Kuno Yoshitaka Kuno
17:00 - 18:00 Laser Lab Tour RCNP Introduction and tour**

* Tour to the EXPO park, and later Free Time. Easy access to Osaka Down Town from EXPO Park.
** RCNP introduction in the Main Seminar Room, followed by the RCNP tour.