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  • Invited talk at the 11th International Spring Seminar on Nuclear Physics "Shell Model and Nuclear Structure" in Ischia (Italien)in May 2014
    "The Pygmy Dipole Resonance - status and new developments"
  • Invited talk at the Topical Meeting "Dipole collectivity in nuclei" of the "French-U.S. Theory Institute for Physics with Exotic Nuclei" in Caen (Frankreich) in October 2013
    "The electric dipole response of nuclei - from giants to pygmies"
  • Invited talk at the workshop "Nuclear Spectroscopy Frontiers at Magnetic Spectrometers", Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies, Stellenbosch (South Africa) in November 2012
    "The Pygmy Dipole Resonance - history and overview"
  • Invited talk at the workshop "The Nuclear Dipole Polarizability and its Impact on Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics" at ECT in Trento (Italy) in June 2012
    "The real Pygmy Dipole Resonance - insights from (alpha,alpha'gamma) experiments".
  • Invited talk at the spring meeting of the German Physical Society in Mainz (Germany) in March 2012
    "Newest results on pygmy resonances in atomic nuclei".
  • Invited talk at the workshop "Underground nuclear reaction experiments for astrophysics and applications" in Dresden, Germany, 28 April - 30 April 2010
    "In-beam studies of the astrophysical p-process"