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Advanced Seminar (Oberseminar) on Nuclear Physics

A. Dewald, J. Jolie, P. Reiter, H. Ströher, A. Zilges

Nuclear Half-lifes: From Attoseconds to Gigayears


  • 11.06. Maximilean Droste: Photon scattering as a tool to determine lifetimes of excited nuclear states
  • 18.06. Lisa Marie Gerhard: Gamma-ray Induced Doppler Broadening after thermal neutron capture
  • 25.06. Franziska Mammes: Coulomb excitation with relativistic radioactive ion beams
  • 09.07. Marvin Körschen: Doppler Shift Attenuation Method using inelastic proton scattering
  • 02.07. Hanno Stinshoff: Techniques for measurements of very long half-lifes

Further available topics:

  • Fast Electronic Timing with hybrid detector arrays 
  • Moderne Recoil Distance Doppler Shift Measurements
  • Safe Coulomb excitation with radioactive ion beams at HIE-ISOLDE