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Bandai Blisterboxes

European BANDAI Blisterboxes - in Europe the Rock Lords were sold in Boxes rather than on cards. These boxes seem to be rare, but this was the normal way Rock Lords were issued on the continent. Boulder is called "BOLDER" on the package (this is not the case on the Australian boxes, that leads to the explanation that it was not an error, but a correction for easier pronounciation in Europe) and there's a "Narlinurtle" appearing on the back, whilst the displayed Narlie is the Narlizard. The Narlizard was actually released under the name "Narlinurtle" in Europe. The description is in english and french, however there's a small italian notice on the bottom. Good Rock Lords came in brown boxes, evil Rock Lords in green boxes. The Jewel Lords came in blue boxes. The description reads:

"Rock life has evolved upon the planet "Quartex" in the form of rock "beings" each with their own unique abilities. Conflict exists between the forces of good and evil ROCK LORDS. But just like GOBOTS, good does not always prevail, sometimes the evil side wins !"

"Sur la planète "Quartex", la vie a changé. Les Rochers se sont transformés en Robots vivants, chacun avec son potentiel. Un conflit naît entre les Bons et les Méchants ROCK LORDS. Mais, tout comme pour les GOBOTS, le Bien ne l'emporte pas toujours, le Mal est parfois plus fort !"

The back of the boxes was the same for series one and two (please read also about the variant cardbacks). In the third series, Sabrestone (different spelling than in the US Version - Saberstone) and Spearhead took the place of the Narlies and Rockasaurs on the back. The Jewel Lords came in wonderful boxes of blue color. The back of these boxes show the three Jewel Lords in a pictured form. The back of the Shock Rock box shows all 5 Shock Rocks in painted form. It can immediately be seen that Dragonstone does not have the same color scheme than th US counterpart. Here we have the complete series of all the different box backs :

Back of a box of series 1 & 2 - Boulder is named Bolder, Narlizard is called Narlinurtle

Back of a box of series 3 - Saberstone is called Sabrestone

Back of the Jewel Lords box

Back of the Shock Rocks Box

The Figures released in the Boxes are absolutely the same as their U.S. counterparts, with two exceptions:

1) The good Rock Lords of Series 1 (Bolder, Nuggit and Granite) have a black weapon, this is also the case for australian Rock Lords. (The Tonka Versions have red weapons)
2) The Shock Rocks Dragonstone, Stun Stone and Blast Rock have a different color scheme. This difference is shown below for Dragonstone, which has the most obvious differences.

Dragonstone - Tonka (US) Version

Dragonstone - Bandai (Europe) Version