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Japan Catalogue 2. Series

This is the japanese catalogue for the second series of the regular Rock Lords. The second series consists of the figure Pulver-Eyes (Sandrock), Brimstone (Bloodyrock), Stoneheart (Amazonrock), Crackpot (Crossrock), Slimestone (Magnarock) und Marbles (Maskrock).

The first two pages of the catalogue show the six Rock Lords of series two in middle of a battle. Here you can see that in Japan, Pulver-Eyes joined the bad guys, and Slimestone joined the good guys. The Rock Lords are shown battling in some Meteor-Planetary environment, where they were placed by image manipulation.
In the next pages of the catalogue, we get to know the good guys. The first ones to be presented are Marbles (Maskrock) and Slimestone (Magnarock), who is not an evil rock lord (like in Europe and North America).
The last good guy to get presented is Crackpot (Crossrock), in the same way as the other two.

To fill the page, a nice artwork was added showing Marbles banging hard on Brimstone, with the (now evil) Pulver-Eyes in the background.

Now it's the turn of the evil rock lords to be presented. Stoneheart (Amazonrock) and Brimstone (BLoodyrock) are both presented with their japanese filecards.
Last but not least, Pulver-Eyes (Sandrock) gets his appearance.

To finish the catalogue, an other nice artwork was added to the catalogue, this time it is Stoneheart coming out of the water (remember he is "Amazonrock"), surprising Slimestone and Crackpot.

The last page of the catalogue is an organising charts for all "machine robo" toys released in Japan.