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General Information

The CGS 13 is the thirteenth symposium in a series that started in Studsvik, Sweden (1969) and continued in Petten, The Netherlands (1974); Brookhaven, USA (1978); Grenoble, France (1981); Knoxville, USA (1984); Leuven, Belgium (1987); Asilomar, USA (1990); Fribourg, Switzerland (1993); Budapest, Hungary (1996); Santa Fe, USA (1999); Prague, Czech Republic (2002) and South Bend, USA (2005).

The CGS 13 is organised by the Institute for Nuclear Physics of the University of Cologne, Germany. The symposium will continue to cover the traditional subjects: nuclear structure, gamma-ray spectroscopy, nuclear reactions, astrophysics, nuclear data and various applications related to capture reactions.

The Symposium is to be held at the University of Cologne during the period of August 25-29, 2008.

Sessions will start on Monday morning, August 25, and end in the afternoon on Friday, August 29.

Further details regarding the CGS 13 can be found on the website

An on-line registration via the above-mentioned website will be possible soon.


Local Organizing Committee:

J. Jolie, A. Zilges, N. Warr, K. O. Zell, A. Blazhev, Th. Pissulla, H. Röhnelt


International Advisory Committee:

A. Aprahamian (Notre Dame), J. Becker (Livermore), F. Bečvář (Prague), T. Belgya (Budapest), H. Boerner (Grenoble), R. Casten (Yale), J. Cizewski (Piscataway), I. M. Govil (Chandigarh), W. Gelletly (Surrey), K. Heyde (Gent), R. Jolos (Dubna), R. Julin (Jyvaskyla), F. Käppeler (Karlsruhe), S. Kubono (Tokyo), A. Lépine-Szily (Sao Paulo), C. Lister (Argonne), G. Mitchell (Durham), Yu. Oganessian (Dubna), T. Otsuka (Tokyo), N. Pietralla (Darmstadt), K. Schreckenbach (Munich), T. v. Egidy (Munich), S. Wender (Los Alamos), M. Wiescher (Notre Dame), S. Yates (Lexington), N. V. Zamfir (Bucharest)


Programme Committee:

M. Aliotta (Edinburgh), Y. Alhassid (Yale), D. Balabanski (Sofia), R. Clark (Berkeley), J. Dobeš (Prague), G. Dracoulis (Canberra), J. Escher (Livermore), A. Frank (Mexico City), P. Garrett (Guelph), R. Haight (Los Alamos), M. Jentschel (Grenoble), P. Koehler (Oak Ridge), R. Krücken (Munich), N. Lo Iudice (Naples), H. Mach (Notre Dame), P. Mantica (East Lansing), A. Mengoni (Vienna), P. Regan (Surrey), H. Schatz (East Lansing), G. Simpson (Grenoble), P. V. Isacker (Caen), C. Wagemans (Gent), V. Werner (Yale)


Contact information:

Prof. Jan Jolie

Institute for Nuclear Physics
University of Cologne

Zülpicherstrasse 77
D-50937 Köln


phone: +49-221-470-2796 (secretary)
fax: +49-221-470-5168

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